Larry Hudson

Writing about making websites

Hi, my name’s Larry.

I’m a web developer based in Melbourne, Australia.

At the moment I’m interested in:

  • building static websites as simply as possible
  • re-learning CSS best practices with Grid and Flexbox
  • using a wiki to create a network of shared knowledge.

I’m using this site to write about what I’m working out.

Latest posts

Why learning CSS is hard

1 April 2021

Articulating my challenges with CSS, and solutions to overcome them

Adding a music page to Eleventy using the API

31 March 2021

Pulling in music data from the API to create a static ‘Music I like’ page

Listening to web articles with Pocket

30 March 2021

Mozilla’s Pocket app lets you listen to your reading list – a huge win for accessibility

Generating colour palettes for your website with Components AI

29 March 2021

Randomly generate colour combinations within constraints with generative design

Pros and cons of using WordPress to build static sites

29 March 2021

Weighing up the benefits and shortcomings of building static sites with headless WordPress versus a traditional WordPress setup

Using @11ty/image to serve optimised images with Eleventy

28 March 2021

@11ty/image makes it easy to optimise images and serve them in modern formats on your Eleventy site

Adding SEO tags to Eleventy

27 March 2021

Using Nunjucks template blocks to set and override SEO tags

To do list for this site

25 March 2021

A running list of things I need to work out on this website

Simple static sites with WordPress and Eleventy

25 March 2021

How to make static sites that are easy to maintain and cheap to host