Stoicism and being happy with what you have

Posted on 6 February 2020. Tagged with habits

I've been focused on financial independence for the last couple of years - budgeting, living within your means, increasing your income while keeping your expenses low. I've done pretty well - I'm much more secure with my money now and I've got a buffer so I don't need to worry about this month or next month's bills etc.

But it's easy to get obsessed with increasing your net worth, as if that in itself will make you happy. It doesn't. If you're obsessed with growth, you are always looking at what is next, not appreciating what you have now.

I came across this post about stoicism on the Mr Money Mustache blog, and ended up listening to the audiobook of A Guide to the Good Life, The Ancient Art of Stoic Joy by William B. Irvine.

The main takeaways:

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