Escaping Nunjucks in Markdown code blocks (Eleventy)

Posted on 8 February 2020. Tagged with web development, eleventy

When I was writing my other post about chaining template filters in Eleventy, I came across a tricky problem.

A bit of context: I write these posts in Markdown files, but because Nunjucks is my templating language, Eleventy allows me to use Nunjucks inside my Markdown.

In the other post, I had code blocks demonstrating Nunjucks code:

    {% for tag in tags %}
        <li><a href="/blog/tags/{{tag}}">{{tag}}</a></li>
    {% endfor %}

But writing the code above between ``` and ``` did not work, because it was trying to execute the Nunjucks for loop.

I found a similar issue on GitHub, but it didn't have

The solution

The solution I've found is to wrap the Nunjucks tags (anything with either {% %} or {{ }}) in quotes, then in {{ }} brackets with the escape filter. This tells Nunjucks to deal with the content as a string, rather than as an actual Nunjucks directive.

I'm going to insert a screenshot of the code, because making it appear here would require some Inception-level double escaping: Screenshot of escaped Nunjucks code inside Markdown

Note: If you can't see the screenshot above, here is the source code on GitHub

This isn't ideal because the code examples become much harder to read and edit.

There is probably a better way - maybe there is some setting to turn off Nunjucks parsing inside Markdown? If I could do that for only some templates, that would be great.

I'll update this if I find a better way - for now, the above works OK for simple examples.

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